The Manicaland Provincial Mining indaba (PAMI) 2018 was held under the theme: “Accountable and Transparent Governance of Minerals: Safeguarding Development Interests of Local Communities in Mining Sector Reforms”. Welcome remarks were made by Sabhuku Kumbula from Manicaland, Ms. Janet Zhou from Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) and Ms. Nyaradzo Mutonhori from Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA). Sabhuku Kumbula welcomed on the participants to the province and encouraged everyone to freely participate at the meeting as they had the blessing of Chief Mutasa, who represents the community. Ms. Zhou from ZIMCODD expressed concern that minerals were not fully benefiting mining communities hence it was important for communities to interrogate why they were not benefiting and to call the investors to account for their operations. In the same vein Ms. Mutonhori from Zela highlighted the need of ensuring that laws and policies are developed to ensure they advance the interests of local communities and citizens of Zimbabwe in the form of job creation, infrastructure development among other social needs. Ms. Mutonhori also explained that the PAMI was critical in giving a voice to communities, so that they are empowered to dialogue with the investors at national and the SADC level.

Several stakeholders attended the meeting which included, mining communities, civil society groups, the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC), the Mutare Rural District Council (RDC), Environmental Management Agency (EMA), the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), an official from the office of the Provincial Minister, among others. The meeting was supported from resources provided by ZELA, the ZIMCODD and the ZCC. The objectives of the meeting were to:
 Discuss mining sector reforms in Zimbabwe;
 Analyse the impact of on-going and proposed investments in communities
 Take stock of Alternative Mining Investments (AMI)
The key points at the meeting were shared to a wider audience through twitter #AltMiningIndaba@10. The discussions at the PAMI were highly interactive. They were characterized by presentations from various speakers and also included breakaway sessions to interrogate some topics in detail.

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