The Alternative Mining Indaba Movement Is Unstoppable

The Alternative Mining Indaba Movement Is Unstoppable

Mukasiri Sibanda with ZELA unpacking AMV to participants at Mutoko district AMI

As the Alternative Mining Indaba (AMI) revs up to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2019, Mutoko district AMI stands out amongst several achievements of the movement. Mutoko AMI stands out in that it was initiated by Mutoko Rural District Council, a marked departure from the norm where civil society organisations (CSOs) drive the process.

The indaba was held at Nyamakwere hotel, Mutoko centre from 13 to 15 June 2018. Participants comprised of mining affected communities, Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) traditional chiefs, local government officials, Ministry of Mines, Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and Natural Stones- a mining company. Altogether, 95 people participated at the indaba, 22 women and 73 men. Here are five interesting things to note concerning the indaba.

Mutoko RDC was at the forefront of inviting stakeholders and crafting the agenda, through a participatory approach which involved CSOs. Hopefully, other resource rich RDCs will be inspired by Mutoko’s example to spread and strengthen the AMI movement in all corners of the country.

ZELA and Mutoko RDC are going to engage the Association of Rural District Councils of Zimbabwe (ARDCZ) to motivate other resource rich RDCs adopt or adapt the AMI movement. As a result, communities affected by mining will get a fair opportunity to strongly participate in the management of mineral resources in their localities.

Interest in Mutoko’s AMI is compounded by the fact that whilst Government is yet to hit top gear on implementation of the Africa Mining Vision (AMV), Mutoko community certainly view domestication of the AMV as a panacea to the resource curse.

“We will certainly adapt AMV as a guide to Mutoko RDC’s development plan hinged on the extraction of black granite resources” Peter Sigauke, Mutoko RDC CEO.

As if that is not enough, other CSOs have joined the bandwagon. CSOs like the Civic Forum on Human Development (CFHD) and Silveira House joined hands with Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) to support Mutoko’s AMI. Before this, ZELA, Zimbabwe Coalition On Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) and Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) were the only players driving AMI movement in Zimbabwe which begun in 2012.

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