KP Intersessional Meeting Speech by Shamiso Mtisi

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Create Date June 20, 2018
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Speech delivered by Shamiso Mtisi, ZELA’s Acting Director and Global Coordinator of the Kimberley Process Civil Society Coalition during the KP Intersessional Meeting in Antwerp, Belgium. The KP Intersessional runs from the 18th -22nd of June 2018. In the speech Shamiso points out the human rights violations in diamond mining communities, the need for reforming the KP to widen the meaning of conflict diamonds to include cases of human rights violations committed by state security agents, private security guards and mining companies such as child labour, forced labour, sexual exploitation, environmental damage, displacements of local communities and other serious and gross violations of human rights in the diamond mining sector. The speech also encourages the KP to ban Central Africa Republic from trading diamonds due to the ongoing armed conflict which is resulting in trade of conflict diamonds through the KP system. Failure by the KP to reform and tackle ethical issues and human rights has resulted in the rise of synthetics or lab-grown diamonds which are considered as free from blood. The Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company and Zimbabwean Government are being encouraged to continue engaging local communities, civil society and other stakeholders in Marange and to implement the recommendations received from communities during the Diamond Security Conference that was held in Mutare on the 1st of June 2018.

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