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Development of infographics on Transparency, Accountability, Citizen Engagement and Participation that fosters inclusive growth in the natural resource governance sector.

Deadline:8 July 2021

  1. Background and introduction

A public interest environmental law organization based in Zimbabwe that seeks to promote environmental justice, sustainable and equitable use of natural resources, democracy and good governance in the natural resources and environment sector seeks to engage a consultant who will develop infographics. These will be utilised as a resource for different stakeholders that seek to promote transparency and accountability in the natural resource sector, sustainable utilisation and increased community benefit from natural resources and advocate for reforms in the natural resource sector.

The infographics should provide guidance on the transparency and accountability challenges, drivers and enablers in Zimbabwe’s natural resource sector,how civil society and community-based organizations can advocate for reforms using the International Standards and Good Practises in the natural resource sector.

Evidence shows that increasing transparency, accountability and public engagement in the natural resource sector is a powerful way to craft better public deals, Policies, improve public services, sustainable development, discourage corruption, build trust and promote a more competitive business environment which is inclusive.

  • Main objective of the consultancy

The key objective of the consultancy is to produce infographics that portray how good governance and transparency reforms have the potential to improve accountability and natural resource management, performance, equality, improved public service provision, community benefit schemes and improve the standard of living for communities.

2.1 Specific Terms of Reference

Development of infographics on transparency and accountability in natural resource governance, a culture of governance based on innovative and sustainable policies and practices inspired by the principles of Transparency, Accountability and Participation that fosters sustainability and inclusive growth. It empowers citizens, community organizations, civil society and other groups to take collective action to achieve socio- economic outcomes.

  • Key deliverables and timelines

Working closely with the Organisation’s Media and Communications Officer with support from the Project Officers, the following deliverables will be expected from the Consultant:

  • A schedule of the entire process, indicating timelines for development, production, post-production and packaging of the infographics.
  • A guide on the production of the infographics.
  • The Consultant will be expected to produce infographics packaged and delivered in the following format/s: Mobile size format specifically for mobile applications like WhatsApp and other social media tools.
  • Timeline

The assignment is scheduled to run for 8 days from the date of awarding of the contract.

  • Qualifications

Suitable applicants should have the following: A Bachelor’s degree, Diploma or Certificate in Graphic designing, Information Technology or any related field; At least three (3) years’ experiences in producing infographics.

  • To apply

Interested candidates must submit their expression of interest together with the budget including previous work for reference purposes. The aforementioned should be emailed to procurementzw@gmail.com. No documents shall be received or entertained after the due date and time. The title of the consultancy should be clearly stated in the email subject.

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