Women miners should lead on environmental management

I am Stabile Ncube form Bubi District. I am the chairperson of Bubi women in mining association. Before I joined Bubi women in mining association, i was an inexperienced leader. From 2015 to 2016 I was partnering with, Gumba and we were operating our mine without a license. I am grateful to ZELA for the assistance they have given us as women miners in Bubi. Previously, we used to run away from Environment Management Agency (EMA) but now we have a good relationship with EMA. Their fees are affordable as the new requirement scrapped roughly $3,000 that was required for paying a consultant to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Now we are only required to pay $253 and to complete Environmental Management Plan. I am now helping other women miners to complete their EMP. As a leader I am glad that most women miners are now equipped with knowledge on mining and its effects on the environment. Even our children will have a better future because women are the pillar of strength. Now EMA has relaxed environmental compliance requirements, it is my wish that women miners will lead the way on good environmental management practice  

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