Women miners keen to acquire technical knowledge

I Sibonile Ncube started mining around 2014/2015. We were a syndicate and we are part of Bubi Women in Mining Association. When we started, we had no idea on how to go about the mining business. We only had a prospecting license. We got a claim and then started mining. We faced a number of challenges due to lack of a mining license. We used to hear stories about Environment Management Agency but had never met any of their representatives. When they visited our mine, we did what everyone was doing, running away and hiding in the bushes and re-emerging once they were gone. I thank ZELA for the informative workshops. Now I can share the information with others thereby educating them. Now I even know the dangers associated with use of mercury and how to properly use it. I am aware that i have to follow the rules and regulations of mining.

During the Small-Scale Mining Suppliers presentation, i learnt a lot about machinery. We were educated on how easy one can process gold using machines. Small Scale Mining Suppliers offered to help women in mining from acquiring certification to the processing of gold as we do not have much experience in mining. I have learnt about financial discipline and how to create employment in our communities. The importance of record keeping was highlighted throughout the workshop.  Small Scale Mining Suppliers said they can help us to shift from small scale miners to medium scale miners. I appreciate ZELA for providing such a platform where we get equipped with knowledge on mining. These workshops are beneficial as we get to meet other women who have had the same experience in small scale mining.

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