Women miners demand greater transparency to enhance financial inclusion



I am Phalishia Ngwenya, a youth in mining from Bubi Matabeleland North province. I would like to thank the government for allocating $150 million to Fidelity Printers and Refiners (F.P.R) for funding miners in Zimbabwe. I am grateful to FPR. for allocating $20 million to women in mining. However, the constitution states that men and women are equals but the allocation by F.P.R does not reflect this. In light of the constitution, women were supposed to be allocated $75million instead of $20million.   I would like to pose a few questions to F.P.R:

  1. FRP mentioned that they allocated funds to 3 regions, what amount did Matebeleland North and Matebeleland South get?
  2. How many women were targeted to benefit from the $20 million facility at national, regional and district level?
  3. What efforts have been made to incorporate youths in this package as we do not have collateral?

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