Marange Communities demonstrates against Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Mining Company

On the 23 April 2018 communities in the diamond mining areas of Marange staged peaceful demonstrations protesting the violation of their rights to free movement as well as the violent attacks on community members by mine security.This takes place in a context in which poverty is forcing many in the area to engage in informal mining/” illegal mining” as a source of income.In direct response to the community protest, as well as the failure of the mine and government to stop or even reduce the problem of “illegal” mining, the ZCDC convened a security conference on the 1st June in Mutare.

Where will this struggle for freedom of movement, safety and access to economic survival on land which is their own , go?

Community activists in the Marange area have been following this issue. Below are their posts which talk about the causes of “illegal” mining, the terrifying security violence, the problems this type of mining has for the environment and community, community protest against security violence, proposals for the recognition of “illegal mining” as small scale artisanal mining, meetings, conferences and workshops on mining.

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