Gwanda/ Small Scale Mining a Blessing and A Curse

Small scale mining brings with it a new set of problems for communities. These problems require greater government management if it is to work for the miner, workers and communities. Activists in Gwanda point out the hazards of small scale mining in their area. At the same time there are good stories and models of how small scale mining can show the road to the future. These are also recorded by activists

The Lives of Small Scale miners is at Risk

Gugulethu Mnkandhla, Women Development Association in Zimbabwe (WODAZ). 09/04/2018

Most small-scale miners mainly the youth in mining along Gwanda-Beitbridge road have come to terms with using sacks, plastic and tree branches to build “houses” where they can put their heads to rest at night.

The youths don’t have any mining claims and do not have permission to build cement structures because of fear that they might extract some minerals when digging the ground. Most of them do not reap a lot of gold and hence cannot afford to be paying monthly rent in the nearby Gwanda town or to travel on a daily basis to and from town. It is because of fear that they might lose money overnight since at times they have to be working in the mines at night and every dollar counts. The miners also have no proper toilets and the bushes have become their areas of convenience. They are vulnerable to contracting diseases and have no protection against bad weather and deadly insects and reptiles. Their lives are being put at risk.

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