by Cosmas Sunguro.

Mining in Chiadzwa remains a resource curse to many villagers. On the 2nd of October 2018 there was a bizarre incident where a mining security guard from Zcdc shot a Chiadzwa villager under the pretext that he was a gweja( artisinal miner).

Gun shots were heard in the early morning of Tuesday near the main road to the Zcdc workshop. It was a case of being caught under cross fire in an unfamiliar operation. The trigger happy officer is alleged to have noticed some feaw diamond panners looking for some diamonds outside the mining concession. The security guard stopped their white Mitsubishi truck and chased the gwejas who disappeared in the forest nearby. It was during this sojourn that mr Danmore Rukombo and mr Chiadzwa who were looking for their livestock were seen and chased. Danmore was missed by 3 gun shots and the fourth one ripped through his lower limb. The two security guards sped off in their car after this heinous act. They thought they had killed him as he laid laid in a pool of blood.

The Zcdc security later came with sniffer dogs after they had been alerted by the two officers that they had been attacked by gwejas. Unfortunately, they could not trace Danmore as he had been carried by friend to Zcdc clinic. The victim was later taken to Mutambara mission hospital and only attended to after a police report has been obtained from Bambazonke police station in Marange. His Friends and relatives had to raise funds for hospital bill. The company did virtually nothing.

The victim is in excruciating pain while the known perpetrator (security guard) is walking Scot free. This reporter visited the victim at his home and found him in deep pain. As Zidawu we are making a follow up on the case with much interest as we want to have a repeat of last year when another security guard was just transferred to cover up for a murder case.

The 32 year old Danny is a father of two kids and the bread winner.His leg is still swollen and needs further treatment to assess the gravity of the shot which may have hit his bone. The food situation is also a worrying issue for him.

Effort to contact the Zcdc officials was fruitless upon the time of writing this article. So pathetic that villagers remain victims of cooperate greedy as their rights are continually castrated.

*** C. Sunguro of Zidawu.

Dated 07/10/2018.

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