gwanda – Miner safety training

On the 29th of August 2018 at Gwanda Country District Club,HAZCHEM held a training workshop in Gwanda.The aims of the workshop was to equip miners with knowledge on the handling of chemical waste,fire incidents tactics as well as information on Gold mining processes which are sustainable.

Miners from different mining towns of Gwanda showed eagerness to learn by turning out in their numbers, despite the weather being very hot.The miners got education on the proper handling,storage,licencing of hazardous chemicals.Speaking on behalf of CURE CHEM which was hosting the event,Mr Obert Chikwature emphasised that miners should have to build storage facilities for storing chemicals and have the infrastructures approved first before use.He also emphasised on the most important issue of PPC when handling such chemicals.

The Gwanda Fire Brigade also took the moment to use the event as a platform to educate the miners on fire danger and how they can be mitigated.Acting on behalf of the Gwanda Fire Department Mr Sibanda, presented knowledge empowering the miners with tactics on reaction ways to avoid uncontrollable fires.He also emphasised on the need for miners to always alert the fire brigade via their toll free numbers on any fire event instead of the miners to try to put the fire out on their own.The fire brigade is also the right people to call not only in fire event but even when mines collapses and trap miners insides.

ZMF representative Mr D.Mangisi took the miners on oral training in Gold Processing Technics, Process Selection,Classifications of Gold bearing materials and Gold Recovery Processes.He has also reitarated the need for sustainable mining by challenging miners to conserve the mining environment with regards to the future genetations.

At the end of the training 150 participants from all different mining areas in and outside Gwanda benefitted from the knowledge and they all receive certificates after a fruitful and educative training.

Makara Alice Masawi

GCEJDT-Gwanda Community Economic Justice Development Trust.

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