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It’s Time for Nature; Should socio-economic development endanger conservation of wetlands in Zimbabwe?

By Rodrick Moyo (Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association), John Majahana (Zimbabwe Environmental Law Youth Network) and Shingirai Sakarombe (Harare Wetlands Trust) World Environment Day is celebrated on 5 June every year with this year’s theme focusing on ‘Biodiversity’. It is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to …

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Do community wildlife conservancies help to reduce Human-Wildlife Conflict: Evidence from Mucheni conservancy in Binga district in Zimbabwe

By Byron Zamasiya, Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association Introduction Human-wildlife conflict (HWC) is a major problem affecting communities living adjacent to wildlife sanctuaries and protected areas[1]. Scholars define HWC as any instance in which the demands of humans and wild animals overlap, leading to competition for food, space and water and …

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Climate change is not a game: Zimbabwe needs a climate change law

By Michelle N Matsvaire, Byron Zamasiya and Rodrick Moyo Climate change affects all aspects of the socio-economic landscape including food security, health and water supply. While climate change is a global problem, its effects are devastating mostly in developing countries in Southern Africa where the economies are facing multiple constrains …

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Zimbabwe must reform the Parks and Wildlife Act to promote transparency and accountability in the wildlife sector

Mutuso Dhliwayo, Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association Introduction Wildlife trade is a great contributor to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through direct and indirect revenue flows with its contribution estimated at 15% in 2019[1]. However, not much is known about its operations and players. In 2019, the Parliament of Zimbabwe …

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3rd Series                                           Period: 9 April – 11th of May 2020 State of Play: Artisanal, Small-Scale and Large-Scale Mining Operations in Affected Communities With a special feature on Chinese Companies and Post-Covid-19 Exit Strategies Compiled by Shamiso Mtisi, Joyce Nyamukunda, Nobuhle Mabhikwa, Joshua Machinga and Clarity Sibanda 1.0 BACKGROUND As …

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