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From Zimbabwe Mining Revenue Transparency Initiative to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

Mutuso Dhliwayo and Mukasiri Sibanda[1] Introduction Despite going in circles on the adoption and implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)in Zimbabwe, consensus for mining sector transparency reforms exists among stakeholders. Through fiscal policies, the government has repeatedly committed to either implement EITI or revive the Zimbabwe Mining Revenue …

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Responsible sourcing and supply chain: A just call for safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable ASM sector

By Joshua Machinga The Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (ASM) sector for long has been under the scrutiny and criticised for promoting irresponsible and unsustainable mining operations. The sector which continues to be under the microscope is characterised by rampant criminality, violence (gangsterism), environmental degradation in the form of open (not …

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Citizens’ inclusion on resource governance-a legacy towards vision 2030

By Sophia Takuva The colonial era has marginalised the indigenous people in African from the riches of their land. The echoes of exploitation reverberate within our current democratic dispensation, ratcheting up tensions around land and resources. Although our mineral wealth is now theoretically shared by all, the realities of exclusion remain unchanged. …

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Constitutional case for mining sector transparency reforms: is EITI only route for Zimbabwe?

By Mukasiri Sibanda Government, since 2011, repeatedly made commitments to implement the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) or resuscitate its home-grown version, the Zimbabwe Mining Revenue Transparency Initiative (ZMRTI). EITI is regarded as a global best practice that promotes open and accountable governance of oil, gas and mineral sectors. Intentions …

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ZELA Influencing Global processes

The story of how the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) has managed to effectively defend communities and fight for environmental and social justice in Zimbabwe and at the global level has been told to several people willing to lend us their ear. So as I was flipping through the pages …

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2019 Midterm Budget Review: How Agile or Fragile Is the Mining Fiscal Transparency Reform Agenda?

2019 Midterm Budget Review: How Agile or Fragile Is the Mining Fiscal Transparency Reform Agenda? By Mukasiri Sibanda Introduction Totemic. That is the word which perhaps sums up aptly the potential of Zimbabwe’ huge and diverse mineral wealth to propel the country’s socio-economic development agenda. Early this year, the Minister of …

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