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Securing Environmental, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Natural Resources Sector

Jurisprudential basis and historiography of EESCR In the genealogy of human rights discourse, rights are grouped into three broad categories. Firstly, we have first generation rights which are essentially civil and political rights, then second generation rights being Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR, and lastly third generation rights also …

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Transparent governance of the extractives sector critical-Mtisi

By Clarity Sibanda-Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association Zimbabwe is facing political turmoil, intolerance and human rights violations. By most economic indicators, poverty levels continue increasing and this has been exacerbated by drought. The Southern African country prides itself of vast mineral deposits but many questions have been raised on why the …

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Child Rights and why they matter in environmental justice and mining

By: Josephine Chiname Introduction and Background In Zimbabwe, the discourse centred around environmental justice in the mining sector has developed over the years. Environmental justice has emerged as an important part of the movement calling for responsible investors who respect and promote a clean and healthy environment in host mining …

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My Take Always from the All Stakeholders Diamond Indaba

By Shamiso Mtisi Deputy Director for Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) and Coordinator of KP Civil Society Coalition    Despite years of working on diamonds, this is my very first blog profiling my observations and points of reflection in monitoring a highly sensitive diamond industry. This is a sector where …

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2020 National Budget must be hinged on US$12 billion mining economy strategy

By Mukasiri Sibanda  Introduction Anchored on public pre budget consultations, the process to formulate the 2020 National Budget Statement is underway. Public participation during budget formulation is fundamental. Citizens and civil society must grab the opportunity to influence how public revenues are generated and allocated to address the stubborn challenges …

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